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A New Approach to Strategic Budgeting.

Connecting the dots between the strategic plan and the budget.
Laptop screen displaying a colorful pie chart for a strategic plan category budget.

connect strategy to the budget.

Bridge the gap between strategic planning and the annual budget to ensure budget line items align with their corresponding objectives. Euna Budget offers full-cycle strategic budgeting, connecting strategy to all aspects of the budget, including operating, personnel, and capital budgets.


track strategic investments.

Structure your budget using multiple tiers, including overarching goals, objectives, and supporting initiatives, enabling precise monitoring of how resources support your agency’s mission and strategic plan.  

  • Tie cost centers or individual line items to strategic priorities or goals. 
  • Track personnel allocated to each goal and objective for clear oversight.
An infographic illustrating the components of a strategic community vision plan, including vision, goals, strategic objectives, and projects for implementation.
Screenshot of a project management software interface showing a strategic plan budget with various levels of detail expanded.

manage resource allocations.

Use the strategic budgeting framework to map the strategic plan to budget line items. This enables precise tracking of how resource allocations contribute to organizational objectives, overarching goals, and community-wide strategic priorities. Additionally, it facilitates real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring strategic planning remains agile and aligned with changing priorities.

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collaborate across teams.

Leverage a fully integrated cloud-based solution to enable team members from different departments to collaboratively plan, review, and manage the budget against goals while encouraging engagement with collaboration tools such as: 

  • Commenting on budget line items. 
  • Detailed annotations and note feature. 
  • Role-based access and version control. 
  • Custom workflow and approval process.
An office worker viewing budget line items and notes on a financial management software interface.
An multi-level pie chart depicting the public sector budgeting allocation for different strategic plan categories.

generate and share reports.

Promote accountability and transparency with a robust set of best-in-class reporting features that enable agencies to demonstrate how spending achieves the desired outcomes and contributes to the long-term strategic plan. 

  • Access to a range of standard reports (like the sunburst chart to the left) or the option to generate custom reports.

Publish and share with your community.

Use our transparency module to publish online strategic plans, much like an annual budget book, using pre-built templates based on real examples and best practices. Integrated into Euna Budget, it facilitates the creation of online strategic plans for sharing with the community. 

  • Tables, charts, or map-based data visualizations.
  • Article-style presentations and data visualizations that can be embedded on websites.
  • Tested and built to WCAG “AA” standards to ensure ADA compliance.
  • Mobile-friendly online strategic plans.
Office meeting with three individuals examining documents and discussing materials over a town strategic plan.

See Strategic Budgeting in Action.

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Comprehensive training and resources available.

Receive continuous support as you bring your strategic plan to life, from aligning objectives with resources to budget execution and monitoring. Our experts offer dedicated collaboration for a smooth process. No strategic plan? Our training equips you with skills to build a web-based one, or we’ll provide collaborative opportunities with leading consulting firms to develop one.

The most trusted public sector budget solution.

Euna Budget, the leading public sector budgeting solutions, is comprised of configurable budgeting and performance management systems purpose-built to modernize processes. This solution enables data-driven budgeting while increasing data accuracy, saving time, and improving community trust. Euna Budget offers management solutions for personnel, operating and capital budgets.

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