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Euna Solutions Transforms Public Sector Budgeting with New Strategic Budgeting Capabilities

Professional headshot of Jeff Goldstein in a gray suit.

Jeff Goldstein, Sr. Director, Business Product Management – Euna Budget

With a passion for driving transformative technology solutions, Jeff leads the Budget Product Line for Euna Solutions.  Jeff has a proven track record in leading high-performing teams and delivering exceptional software solutions that exceed customer expectations. 


As governments struggle to keep up with increasing demands and uncertain resources, public sector leaders must leverage every resource wisely, especially when it comes to taxpayer resources — they need to budget strategically. That’s why it has been a privilege and honor for Euna Solutions to work with Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and others on “Rethinking Budgeting” — a critical topic at a critical time! And we’re pleased to share that we’ve taken those conversations to heart — and into the product. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Strategic Budgeting with Euna Budget.  

Strategic Public Sector Budgeting Helps Governments Connect the Dots Between the Strategic Plan and the Budget 

Euna Solutions recognized this pressing need and is proud to announce strategic budgeting capabilities that are finally possible with the launch of Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting. This offering represents innovation in public sector budgeting, providing essential tools for aligning resources with strategic plans. By doing so, we empower public sector finance professionals with the capability to complete strategic budgeting in a centralized, compliant, and easy-to-use way. 

What is Strategic Budgeting by Euna Budget? 

Strategic Budgeting by Euna Budget seamlessly connects strategic plans with annual budgets. This integration empowers government leaders to make informed decisions, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to long-term objectives.  

Public sector budgeting and finance professionals can take advantage of Strategic Budgeting with Euna Budget in the following ways:

  • Strategic Budget Formation, Management and Approval: Agency leaders can easily align departmental budgets and initiatives with overarching goals, ensuring all internal stakeholders work toward common objectives. By monitoring resources and how they influence the overarching goal, governments are empowered to make decisions based on comprehensive, high-quality data, enhancing the effectiveness of resource allocation and outcomes. This approach ensures precise fund allocations from your personnel, operating, and capital budgets, to directly support the desired goals from the strategic plan, creating a clear link between spending and outcomes.  
A screenshot of a public sector strategic planning and budgeting software interface with various plan levels organized in a hierarchical structure.
A strategic budgeting framework enables the breakdown of budget allocations into multiple levels, such as the overarching goal, its objectives and the actual initiatives that support those objectives.
  • Strategic Performance and Accountability: Agencies, departments and employees can easily track budget allocations and expenditures, providing clear visibility into how funds are used and ensuring they align with strategic goals. They gain access to a robust set of reporting features to monitor how spending can achieve desired outcomes and contribute to the overarching strategic goal, fostering accountability to stakeholders. 
A multi-level circular (radial) chart displaying public sector budget allocations across various strategic plan categories for the current year.
Many report types can be easily generated to share budget information. This chart illustrates a cost center and the various levels of fund allocations, from overarching strategic goals down to supporting initiatives.
  • Strategic Budgeting and Transparency: A strategic plan is typically published as a lengthy PDF file with a mix of text and charts, similar to other financial documents such as the Budget Book. Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting integrates with Euna’s existing transparency solution to create and publish the critical public-facing strategic plan. This easy-to-use publishing tool enables city leaders to publish their strategic plans using pre-built templates based on examples from various cities and best practices. Agencies can publish a combined strategic plan and annual budget — a strategic budget — in a web-based, responsive, and configurable interface. 
Professionals working on strategic planning documents for urban development with a focus on public sector budgeting.
Euna Budget’s fully integrated transparency solution allows you to easily create and publish an online strategic plan with your budget data. After publication, you can post a link on your website and share it via social media, ensuring the community you serve is well-informed about your direction and goals.

How will Government Finance Managers Benefit from Strategic Budgeting?  

By leveraging strategic budgeting, made possible with the Strategy Module, governments will be able to:

  • Align the agency’s strategic plan with the budget
  • Strengthen budgetary accountability
  • Unify departments to achieve a common goal Increase community trust
  • Continue to build a thriving and successful community

The outcome of these points will help to increase community trust and empower agencies to continue to build a thriving and successful community.  

At Euna Solutions, we understand the urgency of modernizing financial planning for the public sector. With Strategic Budgeting, we’re proud to pioneer a new era, empowering governments to build trust and transparency in their communities.

Learn more about Euna Budget: Strategic Budgeting.


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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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