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Effortlessly publish and share the digital budget book with your community.

Access the Budget Book Your Way.

Whether in print, online, on mobile, or on a tablet. This flexibility ensures that everyone in the community can easily access and understand budget allocations, helping to clarify government spending and foster greater civic engagement.

  • Navigate the budget book with ease
  • Share the entire book or specific sections by email or social media
  • Adheres to accessibility standards
  • Generate PDF books instantly

Save Time with Automation.

Accelerate budget book creation by minimizing manual processes and auto-generating content such as department pages, fund summaries, and capital project sheets.

  • Increase data accuracy by minimizing human error through automation
  • Reduce time spent on manual tasks and focus more on strategic initiatives

Create GFOA Award-Winning Budget Books.

Create a budget book that meets the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award criteria. Our tool ensures your budget is clear, and structured for excellence, positioning your agency for recognition and public confidence.

  • Start with a template that adheres to GFOA best practices
  • Stay on track with a GFOA checklist
  • Generate PDFs instantly, then submit your application to the award!

See Budget Book Studio in Action.

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Export to PDF and Print.

Easily export your online budget book to PDF, allowing you to print a physical copy whenever you need it.

  • Choose between portrait or landscape orientation
  • Modify margins to optimize for printing
  • Add page headers and footers for both print and web versions

Collaborate Across Teams and Departments.

Leverage custom workflows and annotation tools to streamline collaboration between an unlimited number of team members throughout every stage of the book from submission to approval.

  • Add notes, to-do items, and use @-mentions to notify contributors
  • Move pages through a customized and controlled publishing workflow
  • Assign pages and sections to team members

Efficient Development and Updates.

Integrates directly with Euna Budget to automate data entry, allowing budget books to begin development before budgets are finalized, with the ability to make updates once your book has been published – a game changer!

  • Build spreadsheets with synchronized data from the centralized solution
  • Refresh datasets to simultaneously update all the data presentations in your book
  • Track when updates were made and its collaborators

Beyond Just Budget Books!

Budget Book Studio is exceptionally good at creating budget books, but at its core, it’s a financial document editing and publishing tool. Use it to create, publish and share other documents that your stakeholders rely on.

  • Create:
    • Budget Books
    • Strategic Plans
    • Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (Coming Soon!)
Office meeting with three individuals examining documents and discussing materials over a town strategic plan.

Ready to Modernize Your Budget Book?

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Comprehensive training and resources available.

Receive ongoing support as you create your digital budget book. Our budget experts provide dedicated training and collaboration to ensure a smooth process for your team every step of the way.

The most trusted public sector budget solution.

Euna Budget, the leading public sector budgeting solutions, is comprised of configurable budgeting and performance management systems purpose-built to modernize processes. This solution enables data-driven budgeting while increasing data accuracy, saving time, and improving community trust. Euna Budget offers management solutions for personnel, operating and capital budgets.

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