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4 Procurement Red Flags Auditors Look For and How to Avoid Them

State and local leaders have an unprecedented amount of funds to invest in their communities thanks to the federal pandemic aid and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The flip side is, this opportunity puts an enormous amount of pressure on government officials to spend their windfall wisely and responsibly.

Procuring goods and services will be a critical part of this process but, in many ways, the risks involved for governments have never been higher.

In this whitepaper, learn about some red flags that auditors will look for in your procurement activities and how to fix them before they become an issue.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How to streamline communications to avoid complaints, public controversy, and more
  • How to increase vendor engagement and ensure fair bidding practices
  • How to create checks and balances in your procurement processes
  • How to improve your recordkeeping to avoid a lot of simple mistakes
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