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3 Ways We’re Celebrating International Women’s Day at Euna Solutions

At Euna Solutions, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day all month long. This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion” and what better way to do so than to invite the Euna team to join meaningful conversations that honor and celebrate the contributions of women in our workplace and beyond. As advocates for gender equality and inclusion, offering a range of internal activities open to all employees was a clear and undoubtedly important decision. Here are the initiatives and events we offered to mark this important occasion: 

Table Talks: Women in the Workplace and Gender Bias 

To foster open dialogue and encourage discussion amongst Eunafiers, we hosted two table talk sessions open to anyone to participate or learn: 

Women in the Workplace: Past, Present & Future 

In this table talk, we explored and discussed women in the workplace. Topic areas spanned how historical moments have impacted the workplace we know today, to reflecting on personal experiences that have influenced how our own Eunafiers contribute and influence our workplace. 

Gender Bias in the Workplace 

This discussion explored how employees of all genders can be aware and respectful of their words and actions. We also dove into the impact of relationships between women and the ‘tug of war’ or ‘I went through it, so you have to too’ mentality. 

Panel Discussions: Myth Busters and Advocacy for Women 

Consisting of Euna team members from across the organization, representing a diverse set of roles, responsibilities, and cultures, our panel discussed the following topics: 

Myth Busters for Women in the Workplace 

This discussion delved into the prevalent myths surrounding women in the workplace, such as the misconception that women are becoming less ambitious and the myth surrounding the biggest barriers to women’s success in their careers. Our panelists debunked these myths and offered insights through real-life anecdotes and experiences. 

Advocacy for Women in the Workplace 

While sharing real life examples, we discussed the importance of advocating for women in business and the crucial role of standing alongside women, fostering their ideas, and thoughts, and empowering them to raise their voices and be heard. 

Companywide Poll: Here’s What Some Eunafiers Had to Say 

At Euna, we value the experiences and opinions of all team members. Employee responses from our poll fueled the conversations in our table talks and panel discussions, sparking very relevant and relatable discussions. Here’s a look at two of the questions we asked, and what some Eunafiers shared: 

What is a remarkable moment in your professional life when you felt included and equal, or you felt that you included women?  

“In the earlier days of my career, being brought in as a subject matter expert for product development and IT, I felt included and empowered to contribute to the overall success of the product and to continue to feel confident in my ability to be a valuable resource to the organization.” – Carrie, Director, Implementation Services. 

“I’ve always cared deeply about equality in the workplace and do all I can to ensure it remains a priority focus. Working in the technology-sector, meetings often have more men than women. A simple action I take is to invite individuals to add a remark or comment on the topic area and actively listen – I find this goes a long way especially for more junior team members to ensure everyone has a voice in the conversation.” – Daryl, Director, Business Development. 

What are some ways you feel included at Euna? 

“It is super great to have a woman as a team lead as I feel she has my back! She knows how hard I work, the knowledge that I have, and all that I can give to this company.” – Tiffany, Learning Specialist. 

“When Euna Solutions rebranded, the project team invited everyone in the company to participate in discussion groups to submit ideas about core values and how our personal missions align with the corporate priorities. It was an interactive and unique experience. It didn’t matter what your job, title, or gender was, everyone was able to participate. These are the types of activities that go a long way to ensure inclusion and equality.” – April, Director, Organizational Learning & Development. 


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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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