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The Bright Future Of Public Procurement

Download our annual State of Public Sourcing report to discover actionable insights like:

  • Project volumes rise and procurement teams are cautiously optimistic
    Public agencies are working harder than ever, with open and completed projects run through Euna Procure in 2023 jumping 26.5% from 2022. 44% of survey respondents are “somewhat confident” in their ability to keep up.
  • Vendor engagement soars, but proposals lag
    2023 so far has seen 6.5 million invitations sent out—that’s a 47.3% increase from last year. However, the number of resulting proposals has only risen by 3.7%. See how to adjust your strategy in the report.
  • Workforce challenges abound, but there is hope
    Many teams are looking to millennial and Gen Z workers to fill employment gaps. But for many, attracting younger hires means making big changes to their organizational and departmental culture.
  • Teams embrace social procurement for a brighter future
    61% of survey respondents said they have initiatives for either environmental sustainability, vendor diversity, or both, with higher education (75%), transportation (73%), and state/provincial/federal (68%) leading the way.
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