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Case Study: Learn How Mariposa County is Streamlining Relief to Local Businesses Through Grants Software

Client name: Mariposa County

CDBG Funding: $750,000
Infrastructure Grant Won: $6,300,000
Grant Portfolio Managed: $20,000,000


  • Using the pre-award grant software by eCivis, a Euna Solutions brand, to streamline research and acquisition of grants.
  • Awarded $6.3 million grant to renovate aging downtown streets and improve infrastructure in County’s only commercial district.
  • Awarded $750,000 in CDBG Economic Development grants using the eCivis grant application portal.
  • Streamlined the receipt of $78,000 in CDBG funding to support local businesses in the aftermath of COVID-19.
  • Reduced administrative burden of tedious paperwork.

The Challenge

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of our hero, Tara Schiff, Economic Development Specialist for the Administration Department of Mariposa County, California, was to recruit and attract new businesses, while helping with the retention and expansion of existing businesses.  After the pandemic hit, however, priorities shifted quickly. Tara now dedicates her efforts to helping local businesses stay afloat by locating funding for business relief programs. Prior to using eCivis grants software, this would have been even more challenging.
  • Before using the system, all grant records were paper-based, making it especially difficult to manage and keep track of the County’s $20 million grant portfolio.
  • Tara and her team had to manage every grant proposal through binders, which could be as large as 10 lbs. If a funder needed a copy, this would make the process extremely tedious and cumbersome to replicate and mail out.

The Solution

Our hero, Tara, advocated moving the grants research process online to find grants faster while streamlining the acquisition of any awarded funding. Grant funding has been imperative for disaster recovery in the wake of the pandemic and with governments going virtual, she and her team can submit everything online and stay safe. Additionally, she can help ensure that Mariposa County can:
  • Quickly research and identify relevant grants for disaster recovery.
  • Streamline CDBG funding and other reimbursements to help businesses survive these challenging economic times.
  • Remain in the driver’s seat when it comes to attaining CDBG funding, since CDBG utilizes eCivis for its grant application portal.

The Results

Through eCivis’s pre-award grants software, Tara and her team were able to win more grants and even a $6.3 million award to renovate and repair failing downtown roads, as well as improve infrastructure, in the County’s only commercial district. This project will help retain existing businesses, as well as attract new development.

Additionally, she and her team have been able to quickly identify and apply for the disaster relief local businesses need in the aftermath of the pandemic including at least $78,000 in CDBG funding.

“I have over eight years of grant writing experience, so I already knew about some grants when I started with the County. However, it wasn’t until we started using eCivis’s grants management software that we discovered several grants that we won.”

Monica Hardin

Grants Coordinator

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