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How Technology Supports the Challenges of Public Procurement

Those in the space know, in many ways, procurement is the heart of any public sector organization. Procurement’s processes have the power to influence efficiency, among other benefits. With growing pressure to cut costs, better manage supplier relationships, and follow stricter regulations, procurement professionals face many day-to-day challenges to reach those benefits. 

That’s where innovations in cloud-based technology come into play—to support and improve procurement processes and help organizations reap the benefits of procurement efficiency. 

In this blog, we’ll look at why procurement teams are shifting away from legacy methods, what new procurement tech looks like, and why it’s important for organizations to innovate tech stacks. 

The Progression of Procurement Processes 

Back in the 90s and 2000s, the adoption of digital solutions rose from a need for greater efficiency and information management, helping teams adjust how they work. Using word processors, spreadsheets, and email worked at the time, but the growing complexity of procurement and limitations of early software left teams struggling again — in different ways. Workers were stressed, overworked, and tried to manage tasks with inefficient methods. Plus, old systems didn’t cover everyone’s needs, leaving many people in the dark or creating a complex web of workarounds. 

Using outdated or general tech in procurement often creates over-complicated workflows, the pinnacle of common procurement challenges. These workflows are a time and attention suck, with staff getting lost in tedious manual processes and unable to focus on bigger picture tasks.  

Take, for example, procurement teams using ERP-based catalog systems. These systems tend to complicate things. Agencies end up sticking to big-name suppliers because integrating many small vendors is costly and time consuming. This leads to perceived preferential treatment to larger vendors. 

The rise of cloud-based technology changes the game for procurement teams, especially with marketplace solutions. 

Adopting this approach eases the strain on every part of the procurement process, particularly in purchasing, invoicing, and reconciliation. Before eCommerce platforms, public procurement teams struggled with contract accessibility & mobilization, equipping their shoppers, and tracking spend against their contracts. With new technology, efficiency and ease of use is part of the everyday workflow. 

The Benefits of Embracing a Cloud-Based System 

A benefit of cloud-based marketplace systems for public procurement is they can grow with the organization’s needs without requiring a complete system overhaul. Implementing purpose-built tech is much faster than setting up an ERP, making it a big win for orgs using paper processes. ERPs are still a critical piece of technology for many, which is why purpose-built technologies typically integrate with most ERPs (we like to think of this as an extension of your ERP).  

Euna Marketplace serves as a single connection point to your ERP, eliminating the need for an additional integration point for each vendor. We work directly with your vendors to connect them to our Marketplace via quick connections with our free, integrated supplier storefronts. This allows vendors to rapidly connect to the marketplace without requiring your IT team to do any heavy lifting. 

With a marketplace solution, you can bridge the gap between agency spending and community initiatives. Here are a few other advantages this technology brings to tackle procurement challenges: 

Increased Efficiency 

With automated processes and streamlined workflows, purpose-built tech lets procurement teams focus on strategic work instead of mundane tasks. Euna Marketplace mobilizes shoppers throughout the organization with the tools they need to be self-sufficient in many of their routine purchases—all while ensuring on-contract spend. This means more efficiency and more valuable output. 

Cost Savings 

Using a procurement marketplace solution helps you find lower-cost goods and services easier and faster. 

Marketplace solutions ensure compliant, on-contract spend—providing greater risk management. By spotting low-cost items and comparing many suppliers’ offers at once, you’ll see real cost savings before any purchase is made. 

Enhanced Compliance 

As part of a larger, end-to-end procurement platform, marketplace solutions capitalize on better compliance management throughout the whole process. The best marketplaces only include the suppliers and products that are pre-approved by the organization. The organization also has control over personal spending limits and spend against a contract. Procurement teams, in turn, can focus on important purchases that benefit the community. This process reduces the risk of off-contract spend and ensures a clear approval processes for procurement leaders. 

If you want to delve deeper into the benefits a marketplace solution to address procurement challenges, read our blog— What is a Procurement Marketplace? 5 Benefits You Can Expect with Centralized, Cloud-Based Tech.  


Maximize Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Compliance with Euna Marketplace 

Whether you’re trying to revamp cumbersome procurement processes, enhance procurement transparency in your educational institution, or update procurement practices in local government, cloud-based software meets you where you are. With modern tech, organizations automate routine tasks and make data-driven decisions with even greater precision. 

Request a demo of Euna Marketplace—or our whole source-to-pay platform—today to see how a modern procurement system can streamline inefficient processes for your team, leading to better community outcomes. 



Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

Download eBook