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Case Study: How Glynn County used Euna Grants to increase their grant portfolio to over $1 million

Client name: Glynn County, GA

Increase in Revenue: 26%
Reduction in Research Time: 50%
Grant Portfolio: Over $1 Million

About Glynn County 

Glynn County, situated in Georgia, is a picturesque, coastal community. Grant funding is key for enhancing public infrastructure, supporting social services, and promoting economic development initiatives. These funding opportunities play a vital role in addressing local needs, fostering sustainability, and improving the overall quality of life for residents in Glynn County. 

The Challenge: Finding Relevant Grants in a Timely Manner 

Glynn County’s Grants Coordinator, Monica Hardin, constantly juggled a variety of priorities while fielding requests from department heads and managers. Prior to implementing Euna Grants, Monica regularly spent nearly one full day of the work week— 6 hours— searching for grant opportunities to serve the county’s needs, often having to navigate multiple websites with long and confusing grant descriptions. The lack of streamlined and centralized information across county departments resulted in Monica having to manually search for internal and external information, spending far too much time looking for and reading through grant opportunities. 

The Solution: Eliminating the Lengthy Research Process helped Glynn County Become More Efficient 

After implementing Euna Grants, Glynn County’s funding prospects increased through the discovery of previously unknown opportunities found through the Grants Network. The County grew their grants portfolio to over $1 million in grant funding in less than 2 years, enabling them to prioritize underfunded initiatives that were often overlooked due to limited budgets. The county prioritized key safety updates by providing 600 smoke detectors to low-income households and invested in animal services by implementing free dog and cat spay/neuter programs for underserved communities, acquiring a van to facilitate local dog adoptions, and providing staff training for the socialization of dogs awaiting adoption. 

Results: 26% Increase in Revenue while Reducing Research Time by 50% 

Euna Grants’ professionally curated network of grants has the functionality to customize search options to find the most relevant grants for your agency. The increased funding secured by Glynn County was transformative for the community and facilitated real change for residents.  

Monica shared “I have over eight years of grant writing experience, so I already knew about some grants when I started with the County. However, it wasn’t until we started using Euna Grants’ grant management software that we discovered several grants that we won.” 

Speed up your grants process and find relevant funding more easily. 

Learn how Euna Grants can help you take control of your grants processes, find more funding opportunities, and track program success. Talk to one of our experts today!