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GFOA 2024: 5 Key Takeaways

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) brought its 118th annual conference to life in sunny Orlando, FL. With more than 7,000 attendees, including over 300 speakers, 50 sponsors, and 200 exhibiting companies, it was truly a hub of collaboration and knowledge-sharing—discovering ways to empower public finance professionals and improve government financial processes.

We at Euna Solutions® had an incredible time on the exhibitor floor, connecting with hundreds of passionate public finance professionals. In this quick recap, let’s dive into the top themes that sparked conversation.

Internal Visibility, External Transparency

One of the standout themes this year was the notion of enhancing visibility both within the organization and to the public through better reporting, connectivity, and communication. Representatives from government agencies told us of their struggles to distill what’s going on within their financial operations and communicate it to leadership, other departments, and the public.

Why does this matter? Prioritizing internal and external transparency doesn’t just hold agencies accountable; it empowers smarter decision-making and more effective resource management. Improved internal visibility leads to more informed teams, while increased external transparency fosters greater public confidence and engagement.

Citizen Digital Experience

Another key theme was the focus on improving the citizen experience. Governments are starting to see that people want the same level of service from public services as they do from private companies. This understanding has led to new digital solutions that make government interactions easier and more user-friendly.

Why does this matter? Improving the citizen experience is essential for building trust and boosting public satisfaction. By adopting digital tools, governments can provide quicker and simpler services, reducing hassle for citizens. Better online portals, mobile apps, and digital access points mean people can get what they need with less effort, leading to a more connected and content community.

Reduce Administrative Workload, Increase Strategic Capacity

A common topic at the conference was how to cut down on manual admin work and give teams more time for strategic tasks. Many organizations find it tough to hire and keep staff who can handle the increasing workload and complexity.

Why does this matter? Automating administrative tasks is crucial for smoother operations and happier staff. When routine tasks are automated, employees can devote their energy to more important activities, which can lead to innovative ideas and better services. Tools that minimize data entry, streamline document processing, and simplify communication can significantly boost productivity. By freeing up staff for strategic projects, organizations can tackle the challenges of modern public finance and make meaningful progress.

Growing Grants Portfolios

This year’s conference put a spotlight on the importance of growing grant portfolios. Experts talked about the best ways to find, apply for, and manage grants, showing how this extra funding can support important public sector projects.

Why does this matter? Expanding grant portfolios can provide much-needed financial support for public sector initiatives, helping agencies carry out projects that might not be possible with just their budget. By getting good at managing grants, agencies can find new funding sources, innovate, and better serve their communities. Learning how to secure and handle grants is key to making the most of resources and achieving long-term success in public financial management.

New Staffing Strategies and Position Control

Staffing challenges were a hot topic this year, with several sessions offering practical advice on new staffing strategies and the importance of position control. Managing human resources—and the budget allocated to personnel—effectively is key to keeping things running smoothly and hitting organizational targets.

Why does this matter? Crafting smart staffing strategies helps public sector organizations tackle workforce issues, making sure they stay flexible and efficient. Good position control means agencies can allocate resources better, manage talent wisely, and adapt to changes—helping them stay resilient.

Take the Next Steps

GFOA 2024 brought together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to advancing public sector finance. The conference provided a platform to share ideas and solutions to today’s challenges and strategies to take into the future.

Ready to strategize and implement these takeaways in your organization? Euna Solutions is here to help through our Budget, Grants, Procurement, and Payments tools.

We can help you turn these powerful ideas into real improvements that benefit your team and the communities you serve. Read our playbook to learn steps to turn strategic plans into reality—get your copy here.


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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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