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Data-Driven Housing: Planning Simulations & Grant Funding

Professional headshot of Abhi Nemani in a suit and tie.

Nemani, Senior VP of Product Strategy
Abhi is a government technology entrepreneur, scholar and public servant with over 15 years of experience building and leading public and private sector organizations driving innovation. Currently, Abhi Nemani is the Senior Vice President of product strategy at Euna Solutions, a leading provider of purpose-built, cloud-based solutions for the public sector.


Housing policy is a difficult challenge for state and local governments, from affordability and access to funding and prioritization—questions abound and frustrate. Technology cannot solve these problems but can help support informed debate and discussion—leading towards strategic planning and grant funding.

Polco’s housing simulation tool is an essential addition for cities facing the urgent challenge of housing shortages. Using the Housing Simulation, more than 10,000 units of housing have been planned, and 500+ communities use Polco to make supported housing decisions. This tool builds on the broader partnership between Polco and Euna Solutions, designed to enhance public sector operations through advanced analytics, community engagement, and strategic financial management.

Screenshot of Polco's Housing Simulation tool.

Enhancing Decision-Making for Cities

  1. Data-Driven Insights: Similar to how Euna Budget simulations provide detailed financial scenarios, Polco’s housing simulation offers cities a comprehensive view of potential housing policy impacts. This data-driven approach ensures that decisions are well-informed and effective.
  2. Community Engagement: Polco’s tools, like Balancing Act, enable cities to involve residents directly in the decision-making process. This mirrors how Euna Budget engages communities by illustrating the effects of budget decisions on services, fostering transparency and trust.
  3. Strategic Planning: The housing simulation supports strategic, long-term planning by predicting the outcomes of various housing strategies, similar to how Euna Budget aids in financial forecasting. This ensures housing plans are sustainable and align with broader urban development goals.

Strategic Housing Fundraising with Euna Grants

  1. Strengthening Grant Applications: Polco’s housing simulation enhances grant applications with data-backed justifications, similar to how Euna Budget simulations provide clear financial projections. This comprehensive approach strengthens the case for securing vital funding.
  2. Efficient Fund Allocation: Once grants are obtained, the housing simulation aids in the strategic allocation of funds, ensuring resources are directed towards initiatives with the highest potential impact. This mirrors how budget simulations optimize financial resource management. Euna Grants has both management and compliance functionalities, facilitating appropriate and successful fund allocation.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting: Euna Grants can integrate with Polco’s housing simulation to track and report the progress of funded projects. This ensures accountability and transparency, similar to Euna Budget’s financial health reporting.

Integrated Approach with Euna Budget and Polco

Comprehensive Planning

Combining Euna Budget simulations with Polco’s housing simulation allows cities to create cohesive strategies addressing both financial and housing needs. This integrated approach ensures well-coordinated urban planning. Additionally, using Euna Budget’s Budget Book Studio, cities can easily update and share their Strategic Plan, including strategies aimed at effectively tackling the housing shortage.

Informed Policy Development

Insights from both financial and housing simulations guide cities in developing well-informed policies. This dual approach ensures housing initiatives are backed by solid financial planning for enhanced effectiveness and sustainability.

Addressing the Urgent Need for Housing

The urgency of addressing housing shortages is critical. Polco’s housing simulation provides cities with the tools necessary to tackle this issue head-on. By enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning, cities can respond effectively to housing demands, ensuring that new policies are impactful and sustainable.

Broader Opportunity Partnership for Data-Driven Planning

Euna Solutions and Polco have formed a strategic partnership to transform public budgeting and community engagement. This collaboration combines Euna’s strategic financial management tools with Polco’s advanced analytics and AI, creating integrated solutions that enhance budget transparency, align fiscal decisions with community needs, and increase resident participation. These efforts are part of a broader initiative to support the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) in rethinking public budgeting.

To learn more about how Polco’s housing simulation and Euna’s comprehensive tools can benefit your city, reach out to us today. Discover how integrating these powerful solutions can help you address housing challenges effectively while enhancing community engagement and strategic financial planning.


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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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