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Case Study: How Mariposa County Streamlined Local Business Relief with Euna Grants

Client name: Mariposa County

Grant Portfolio Managed: $20,000,000
Infrastructure Grant Won: $6,300,000
CDBG Funding: $78,000

About Mariposa County

With a tight-knit population of just over 17,000 residents, Mariposa County sits in central California at the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains. With its town of Mariposa dating back to the goldrush era, the quiet community serves as a perfect stopover before entering the enormous beauty of Yosemite National Park.

The Challenge: Keeping Local Businesses Afloat Post-Pandemic

Due to their relatively sparse citizenry, recruiting and expanding local businesses was a key goal for Tara Schiff, Mariposa County’s Economic Development Specialist. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, however, her priorities quickly shifted to keeping local businesses afloat through business relief program funding.

But with outdated and paper-based systems, Schiff and her team struggled to simply manage their substantial $20 million grant portfolio, let alone secure new funding. Every grant proposal was handled manually using binders—some as large as 10 pounds—making the process tedious and draining for staff. Hitting a breaking point with their existing process, they knew they needed a change.

The Solution: Eliminating Paper Processes Put the County in the Driver’s Seat

The introduction of Euna Grants, powered by eCivis, marked a significant turning point for Schiff and her department. Its automated task management and reporting functions streamlined the grant application process, eliminating the burden of their paper-based system and enabling them to secure vital funding more efficiently. Plus, Euna Grants’ collaborative features made it easy for Schiff’s team to work together—particularly important given the switch to remote work during the pandemic.

“We chose Euna Grants because of their government experience, and we’ve been on the system for seven years now. When CDBG recently announced they would roll out their online grants portal, it put Mariposa County in the driver’s seat.” 

— Tara Schiff, Economic Development Specialist for Mariposa County, California 

Results: $6.3 Million for Economic Revitalization & Further Development

When all was said and done, Mariposa County secured and managed unprecedented funding through Euna Grants. The county was awarded a $6.3 million grant to revitalize its aging downtown and foster economic growth—money that will go towards enhancing infrastructure within its main commercial district, retaining existing businesses, and attracting new development. In addition, they’ve easily identified and secured disaster recovery grants, including $78,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to support local businesses following the financial damage of COVID-19.

Schiff and her team’s proactive approach in leveraging Euna Grants has set a precedent for other counties to follow in their quest for development and disaster recovery. By integrating a purpose-built tool like Euna Grants, their ability to use funding for recovery was forward-thinking, paving the way for future innovation and growth.

Take the Driver’s Seat in your Grants Management

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