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Case Study: Acting quickly on decisions that impact departments across the county

Client name: Ventura County

Key Results

  • Improved communications with a supplier pool of 1900+ vendors
  • Over $16M in contracts managed with 100% compliance
  • Improved internal and cross-jurisdiction stakeholder alignment with an average of 4-6 users per project
  • Up to 24 business days of operational tasks saved due to reduced cycle times and increased RFP efficiency
  • 170,000 pages of paper saved

Ventura County is home to over 800,000 people in Southern California. Ventura County’s vision is “to be valued as a reliable strategic and innovative partner, trusted advisor, and public steward.” However, the County’s slow-moving and environmentally-taxing procurement process—which ran entirely through paper-based workflows—did not reflect that commitment. By digitizing their procurement processes with Bonfire, Ventura County as able to respond to intake requests faster, align stakeholders across jurisdictions better, and reduce their environmental footprint.

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