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Build a Capital Improvement Plan to Bolster Community Impact

Local governments play an essential role in developing and maintaining the infrastructure that keeps their communities safe, healthy, and vibrant. To accomplish these goals, local governments leverage the tried-and-true methods, processes, and tools of their proverbial tool belt—including capital improvement plans (CIP).

In this guide, we’ll dive into what a capital improvement plan is and highlight its various benefits to your organization. We’ll also explore what it takes to build and maintain an effective plan that will allow your agency to maximize funding and resources, as well as amplify community growth and development for optimized success.

In this whitepaper, you will learn best practices on how to:

  • Streamline prioritization and categorization of projects and purchases
  • Consider key challenges in developing your Capital Improvement Plan
  • Strategize for overcoming barriers during the planning process
  • Engage stakeholders to reflect the needs of the community
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