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Transforming Your Budget Book with Budget Book Studio: What’s New at a Glance

Professional headshot of Jeff Goldstein in a gray suit.

Jeff Goldstein, Sr. Director, Business Product Management – Euna Budget

With a passion for driving transformative technology solutions, Jeff leads the Budget Product Line for Euna Solutions.  Jeff has a proven track record in leading high-performing teams and delivering exceptional software solutions that exceed customer expectations. 


A budget book is a big deal, but creating and publishing a budget book has traditionally been a lengthy and cumbersome process.

This is why Euna Budget launched Budget Book Studio last fall. It made creating and publishing a digital budget book easier than ever before, with no design experience required. Budget Book Studio was packed with features that made collaboration and overall efficiency simple to achieve. Plus, it allowed for editing or updating the budget book throughout the year to adapt to changes that are sure to come.

This was a great start, but at Euna Solutions, innovation is in our DNA, so even though Budget Book Studio was already an industry-leading tool, we knew we had to keep adding features to deliver even more value to our customers. In our latest version of Budget Book Studio, we did just that. From new automation tools that reduce the time you spend on time-consuming manual tasks to using Budget Book Studio for financial reporting beyond the budget book.

The challenge lies in fitting in all the benefits of these features in one article — which is why this will be the first of a series of blogs about the innovative new features Euna Budget has added to Budget Book Studio. This article will serve as an introduction to all the updates, with a series of articles to follow that dig deeper into the features over the coming weeks.

Now, let’s look at all the features added to Budget Book Studio, designed to streamline your team’s workflow and elevate the quality of the digital budget books shared with your community.

1. Print Support Just Got Better

Even though we live in a digital-first world, sometimes you still require a physical copy. That’s why we’ve enhanced our print support, allowing you to instantly export your digital budget book to PDF and print it whenever you need to. It’s fast and easy, and it ensures your financial documents are always accessible in the format you prefer and, more importantly, in the format your stakeholders prefer.

2. No More Busywork, Thanks to Automation Tools

One of the most significant updates is our new automation feature. This tool auto-generates content like department pages, fund summaries, and capital project sheets. Imagine cutting down the manual effort and time spent compiling and formatting your budget book, enabling your team to focus on more strategic tasks while the software handles the nitty-gritty details.

3. Financial Reporting Beyond the Budget Book

We’re taking Budget Book Studio beyond just budget books to add even more value for our customers. It’s now even more versatile and can be used for creating, publishing, and sharing other financial documents online. With our new templates, you can create Strategic Plans and, soon, even your Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) easily. Everything you need to publish these complex documents is in one place and integrated with your budget solution, making the whole process smoother and more efficient. Then, by making these documents available online, you can provide your community with easy access to up-to-date financial reporting, helping them understand how funds are allocated and spent, thereby promoting transparency and trust.

4. Custom Themes to Meet Your Brand Requirements (Coming Soon)

This feature hasn’t been released yet, but we figured it was worth sharing because we know customization is key when your stakeholders are engaging with your budget book. Our upcoming advanced styling feature will allow you to customize templates to meet your specific requirements and standards. This means you can create budget books that perfectly match your formatting, content specifications, and branding needs, so there is no mistaking your budget book for another town or city.

See Budget Book Studio in Action

We’re incredibly excited about these enhancements and can’t wait for you to start using them. Our goal is to continuously improve your experience in creating budget books and enhancing community engagement with these crucial financial documents. Stay tuned for the next article in this series, where we’ll dive deeper into each of these exciting new features and show you how they can benefit your organization.

Or, better yet, come visit us at the GFOA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL from June 9th to 11th. Stop by booth #509—we would love to show you everything we’ve released and give you a sneak peek at what’s to come.


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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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