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Introducing Customer Engagement Suite in Euna Permit Guide: The Missing Link for Collaboration

Lihn Vuong


       Linh Vuong, Product Director, Euna Permitting

        Linh is a data and policy expert with significant experience working with the public sector. She is passionate about better         understanding customer needs, expectations, and data insights from our tools to improve efficiency and effectiveness.


With Euna Permit Guide, powered by OpenCounter, our mission has always been to improve the permitting experience. We did this initially by looking at the applicant experience: our industry-leading, intuitive and user-friendly permit guides explain where projects are allowed, what permits, licenses, and fees are necessary, as well as clear instructions on how to apply. What we understand now, after 10 years in the industry, is more nuanced: the key to truly improving the permitting process is to focus on the interactions and engagement that happen between staff and the public; those interactions can transform the often-daunting permitting process into a transparent and user-friendly journey. 

Coming Soon! Customer Engagement Suite 

So, this summer, we’re thrilled to release the Customer Engagement Suite, a user-friendly, intuitive set of tools designed for staff. In particular, we know that “false starts” are a constant challenge for community development or permit offices, ending with questions not new projects. That is particularly troubling when we hear that many false starts would finish with just some direct communication with city staff. With that top of mind, these features are not only critical for reducing false starts but also for maintaining transparency and accountability. 

  • In-app Messaging: Answer questions without interruptions, assign messages to other staff members, or reach out to applicants for more information when needed – with all project details at your fingertips.  
  • Dynamic Editors: Work with the applicant throughout the pre-submission phase, updating the guide as project details change.  
  • Guides by Staff: A new and simplified interface allows staff to build customized permit guides following conversations with the public. Staff can supply applicants with living guides, which can be used throughout the applicant’s permitting journey to ensure compliance with regulations.  

Customer Engagement Suite

These tools are designed to enhance the interactions staff have with the public on a daily basis, whether on the phone, over email, or in-person, and embody the core values we embody with Euna Permit Guide: 

  • Communication: Keep everyone on the same page and ensure that information given to applicants stays up-to-date as project details change, up to and beyond the point of first submission.  
  • Centralization: Eliminate the need to use disparate emails or phone calls with centralized communications in-app that are contextual, secure, and tracked within the system.  
  • Collaboration: Allow multiple staff members to collaborate on responses, ensuring consistent and comprehensive support, and keeps track of all interactions.  

Addressing the Gap: Tools to Support Customer Service for Permitting 

We built these features to address what we saw as a critical gap in the permitting process: the lack of technology and tools to support effective customer service and assistance for the public before they submit permit applications. When staff lack modern resources to proactively help the public, frustration and delays are inevitable. While cities have robust back-office systems, there has been limited focus on solutions that empower staff to provide a seamless and innovative front-of-house experience. When the public has questions or need guidance, there is often nothing between the static city website and the permitting counter. 

We bridge this gap by equipping staff with powerful tools to engage with applicants from the very start. By prioritizing customer engagement and enabling staff to provide personalized assistance, the Customer Engagement Suite empowers agencies to deliver the responsive service and support that citizens expect, fostering trust and satisfaction in the community development process.  

Connect with us today to learn more about Euna Permit Guide today!  


Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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