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Don’t reinvent the procurement wheel for new RFPs

When the time comes for you to get that new RFP together, where do you begin? As we’ve been engaging with our customers and the broader procurement community, the response we’re hearing is that there’s simply no easy answer.

Everybody agrees that there’s no plagiarism in procurement—using each other’s best practices and RFP samples helps to ensure better outcomes for the whole community. However, finding the right kind of examples to help build a new RFP is easier said than done. The search for templates, trying to get in touch with nearby agencies, or simply resorting to general Google searches —these are just a few ways our customers try to help build out new RFPs.

Does this feel familiar to you?


At Bonfire, we also knew there had to be a better way for our customers to create RFPs. We also knew that everybody—not just our customers—would benefit from a new way to collaborate on new projects.

Introducing Bonfire Open Access Community Projects

To that end, we’re excited to announce Bonfire Open Access Community Projects, a new tool that provides access to tens of thousands of public projects from our network of 500+ agencies across North America. Best of all, we’re making this tool completely free for everyone in procurement.


Launching later this fall, Open Access Community Projects will allow you to quickly search from up to 62,000 public projects (and growing) from our Bonfire network, and get access to all public supporting bid documents.

We think that Open Access Community Projects will have the power to transform your RFP creation process, and here’s why:

  • Get best-in-class examples of RFPs from 500+ agencies in the Bonfire network. No matter what kind of project you’re beginning, chances are that other agencies will have done the work already—work you can use directly when creating your next RFP.
  • Access all public supporting bid documents, so you can see exactly how to structure your project. There’s no plagiarism in procurement—sharing best practices is what helps everyone improve their outcomes in procurement!
  • Draw from thousands of new projects added monthly from our network of agencies across North America. Every day, you’ll get access to even more projects, so check back often on our always-growing collection.

What our customers are saying

Just this month, NIGP Forum 2021 brought together the best and brightest in procurement at their annual (virtual) event. This year, NIGP’s theme was all about Connecting Procurement Communities, so we thought there was no better place to announce Open Access Community Projects.

We’re glad to say that you seem just as excited about this new tool as we are. Here’s just one of our customers who got a sneak peek at Open Access Community Projects:

“One of the biggest challenges we face in procurement is getting the right information together for a new RFP and ensuring that we’re using best practices right from the start,” said Maija Lampinen, Procurement and Contracts Manager at the Port of Everett, Washington. “With Community Projects, we’ll be able to easily search for similar projects run by other agencies, see how they structured their projects, and access supporting project documents. It’s hard to understate how valuable this information will be for us going forward, and the impact it will have on how we run our projects and the time it saves us during RFP creation—especially for new or unfamiliar procurements.”

Get on our list for early access before the public launch

While we won’t be launching Open Access Community Projects until later this fall, you can reserve a spot for early access right now.

Be sure to head over to our registration page, learn a bit more about Open Access Community Projects, and sign up. With your spot reserved, you’ll be one of the first people to get access to this new tool ahead of the public launch.


Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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Learn how to find the right solutions partner to enhance your ERP, save time and resources, and ultimately deliver a greater impact on the communities you serve.

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